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How to Avoid Headache and Vomiting While Travelling in Hilly Areas?

Life without travel is something that is beyond dull and mundane. In order to enjoy the beauty of the world, you have got to travel and explore the world. One such destination is the mountains. With there magnificent charm these dreamy mountain terrains, are the most emotive and peaceful of places to be.

But, these journeys can sometimes have a downside too. Motion sickness, diarrhoea, and other discomforts, we can name any number of common problems that can ruin an otherwise perfect trip. One of the most dreaded things on a trip is getting sick.

It can be nausea, vomiting or those pesky headaches on your way up or down those strips of road. But, we are here to help you with ways you can beat every sickness and enjoy the breathtaking views and cherishable memories that the hills have in store.


• At all times keep some thin slices of ginger with you. If you start to feel sick as your car advances towards the hills, then begin to chew one. This is a proven remedy for almost all kinds of travel sickness.

Keep ginger slices with you

• Another tip that you can’t miss out on is keeping the car windows slightly open. Yes, it is going to be cold but trust us you will feel so much better

keep car windows slightly open

• You can get all the energy you need for the travel, from some natural protein-rich foods.
Protein strengthens your muscles, fights fatigue and increases your metabolism rate.

Fish, turkey, and chicken or any lean meats are some such preferred protein items. But don’t just eat them before starting the journey. There must be a gap of 2 hours before you take such heavy food.

• Pack some sugar free chewing gum. Chewing gums can save you from throwing up as the car races up towards the cliffs. Chewing gum, in fact, can help much better than any over the counter drugs.
Carry Chewing Gum with you

• In order to stay strong and feel energized all throughout your time in the hills, you will need something that can boost up your energy levels in a natural way.

Pack figs, bananas, peanuts, walnut, pistachio and almonds with you.

With the right amount of potassium, vitamins, and minerals these foods are perfect for you while you are trekking or adventure-sporting in hilly areas.

• Another food item you can have without worrying is Peanut Butter. Start your day’s journey towards the hills with some whole wheat bread and peanut butter. With the right amount of fiber, protein, carbohydrates, and magnesium your body will be ready to face the challenges that the hills have in store.

• Needless to say, homemade peanut butter is far better than market bought.

• Green herbal tea is much better to keep you light and refreshed, than coffee or tea that has milk in it. Not only does it aid digestion and prevent nausea, but it can also keep you warm too!

Drink Green Tea


Other than the ones mentioned above there are a few more things that should be on your mind before you start your journey:

• It is advisable that you don’t smoke as you move up towards the hills. Not just that, but try to stay clear away from anyone who is smoking in the car.

• Avoid eating Omelette or anything prepared with egg.

Avoid eating omelette or products made from egg

• Anything in excess is going to be a terrible mistake while traveling for the first time to the higher altitudes. Especially for those who tend to get sick, should eat light and choose their food carefully.

• Avoid the temptation of reaching out to those food items that are covered in excess oil. Such heavy foods tend to make one feel bloated and heavy.

• Don’t pack your bags with canned items. They can be quite a bother to carry and can be extremely unhealthy. Instead, try to fix your own meal boxes from your kitchen.

• Cheese is another disastrous food item that can make your stomach churn and make you vomit. In fact, it is not advisable to have anything that is made with dairy and especially cheese.

Avoid Cheese and Dairy products

• Avoid uncovered food especially fruits and veggies. Eating light salads, and fruits, before you start your journey is advisable for everybody.

But you must make sure that any fruits or vegetables you eat, are freshly cut, and have been kept covered.

Watch out for salads and fruits that have been kept in the open or on display. The unpredictable, continually changing weather of the hills can spoil food much quicker than in the planes.

• Any food item that has an excessive amount of sugar is a threat to your health as you travel to the hills. Too much sugar in your blood can lower your immunity, and also make it difficult to digest your food. From candies to aerated drinks try to take as little of these as possible.

• You need to stay hydrated at all times but keep an eye on the kind of water you are drinking. Make sure to drink from a clean source. Also, slightly cool water helps with nausea and headaches.

Some bonus tips to keep in mind:

Apart from everything that you can and can’t eat, keep these tips in mind to avoid sickness while traveling:

● As far as possible avoid sitting in the back seat of the car, especially if you tend to fall sick during such journeys.

● Try to stay away from those who may be about to get sick. It is usually observed that someone throwing up, or talking about being sick, causes other sensitive people in the group to feel the same.

● Dramamine, Bonine, and Antivert are some of the medicines you can carry. (Consult with your doctor before taking medicines as allopathic medicines can have some side effect).

● Reading without a break in a moving vehicle can also induce nausea and headaches.

● And the most important tip; do not sit in a car for too long, take breaks every 20 minutes when going uphill or downhill and eat light and fresh.

You need to stay fit and healthy to enjoy the scenic beauty that the mountains have in store. These simple tips are not only extremely easy to follow but are proven to be effective. Happy journey!

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