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If you are running a blog on wordpress site that makes money for you or planning to monetize it, then you must consider investing some time and money optimizing it.

Now, when we say optimizing we think of improving site load time, compressing images, caching etc.

However, all the things mentioned above are secondary, if your WordPress hosting is slow and use outdated software and scripts then no matter how much you optimize your site it won’t give you optimal results.

Therefore, our first step is to choose a right hosting service.

Here we will look at some of the best WordPress hosting service providers in 2021.

All the recommendations given here are based on my personal experience that I gained over a period of time using these services.

I have been using these WordPress hosting services on one or more business sites for quite some time so I can safely suggest it you.

Managed Cloud Web Hosting for WordPress

Web host is a backbone of your site, guys don’t fall for cheaper and slow web hosting it will only disappoint you at later stage.

Consider investing serious money in a fast host. Here is my first recommendation:-

#1 – Kinsta (hosted this site and 1 more site)

Kinsta managed web hosting
  • Starts $30 Per Month
  • Premium Managed Wordpress Hosting
  • 100% Uptime
  • Fastest Server Response Time

Kinsta is a managed wordpress hosting starting $30 per month (for 1 site) which uses google cloud infrastructure.

(P.S : I have been using kinsta since 2018 and paying $60 per month for 2 wordpress sites, see the screenshot below for your reference)

Kinsta Backend

They use the best configuration for their stack and utilizes server side caching which improves performance of wordpress sites.

I have seen many hosts still running PHP 5.6 and MySql 5.5, which is not officially supported in 2021 and has many security vulnerabilities.

No wonder why many WordPress sites on shared hosting suffer from poor performance and slow speed.

On the other hand side kinsta has the latest security patches installed and uses the latest software packages on their hosting:-

Kinsta Tools
  • PHP 7.4 is the latest supported version
  • Instead of MySql, they use even faster and latest database software MariaDB 10.3
  • Not only this, they have partnered with Keycdn (branded as Kinsta CDN) which you can enable without any additional cost.

Another great thing about kinsta is that they allow you choose the server’s location, lets say you get visitors from the following locations:

* United States

* United Kingdom

* Mumbai

So you have an option to choose any of these servers closest to your visitors. They have many server locations to choose from, however, I have mentioned three for your reference.

Moreover, kinsta let you choose premium nameservers, which is typically powered by Amazon web service (AWS), again a great choice if not the best.

The AWS average DNS lookup time i have observed is around 11 ms in US and Europe. Which i think is blazing fast. Other DNS providers that have fast lookup time are:-

  • DNS Made Easy (fastest and uses Anycast+ technology but doesn’t support DNSSEC on basic plan, Try free for a month)
  • Clouflare DNS (fastest and uses Anycast technology, DNSSEC supported even in free plan)

Other Features offered by Kinsta Managed WordPress Hosting are as follows:-

  • Staging Environment with every plan
  • CDN with every plan
  • Premium nameservers with every plan
  • Site migration free (number of migrations depend on the plan you choose)
  • Search and replace feature ( Perform search and replace from the backend without the need of a plugin)
  • Kinsta Cache plugin free
  • Free SSL certification with all plans
  • Free backup everyday, option to choose on demand and offsite backup
  • NGINX server
  • Regular uptime checks
  • Wordpress debug option integrated in backend
  • SSH access
  • 1 Click restore in the event of site hack or data loss
  • Option to create redirects from backend
  • IP deny manager (if you want to block some spammy ip addresses)
  • User management – to invite developers, team members and configure what they can access.

At kinsta, the support people are knowledgeable and can provide you instant support via chat.

The upfront cost is definitely on the higher side but its totally worth.

My second recommendation is:-

#2 – Cloudways (we use it on other 4 sites)

Cloudways managed web hosting
  • Starts $10 Per Month
  • Premium Managed Wordpress Hosting
  • 100% Uptime
  • Fastest Server Response Time
  • Various Server Options
  • Scalable

Cloudways is another great managed web hosting service that gives you plenty of server options to choose from.

When you sign up with them, you will see 5 server options:-

* Digital Ocean (Cheapest – Starts from $10)
* Linode
* Vultr
* Amazon (Costliest)
* Google Cloud (Costliest)

Cloudways Servers

Each of them offer various server locations.

I have been using Digital Ocean on one of my WordPress sites, this is the cheapest of all and offers 1 CPU core, 1Tb Bandwidth, 25 GB storage for a price of $10/month.

However, i also pay some additional charges for some addon services which is completely optional.

Cloudways Backend - invoices paid

I have no experience with Vultr, Linode on Cloudways, but my couple of sites do run on Amazon web server.

AWS is very fast and has almost 100% uptime. I haven’t seen any flaw or downtime in last 4 years. Neither I had any problems with Digital Ocean.

Features of Cloudways:-

  • Staging environment with every plan
  • Server side caching
  • Free caching plugin – Breeze (simple yet very efficient), which is lightweight and supports caching, minification, defering JS, combining JS, CSS inline and offers many more features
  • Wordpress daily and on demand backup – Option to download backup offsite
  • Restore wordpress application with one click in the event of an error or hack
  • DNS made easy addon (paid add on for a nominal fee)
  • Free LetsEncrypt SSL (with wild card support)
  • Add team members, developers and configure roles and restrict them to access certain features or whole backend
  • Support for latest and fastest PHP 7.4 and MariaDB 10.3
  • Access to SSH
  • Option to add various free addons like Redis Cache to improve your wordpress backend loading speed

Additionally, they have knowledge base on most common issues and ‘How-to’ topics. Also, their support is available on chat and via email.

Shared Wordpress Hosting with Cpanel

My third recommendation is:-

#3 – Siteground (We use it on the UK focused site)

Siteground shared wordpress hosting
  • Starts $6.99 Per Month
  • Wordpress Hosting with Cpanel
  • 100% Uptime
  • Fastest Server Response Time
  • Free SSL with all Plans
  • Next Generation Protocol HTTP/3

Siteground is one of the best hosting provider across the globe. No matter you choose shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting or cloud. They are just amazing.

Even their basic Startup Plan is worth every penny. I have been using Siteground managed WordPress hosting from past 2 years and recently renewed for another term.

Siteground Cpanel

There isn’t a single occurrence of downtime in these 2 years.

Overall, I am satisfied with their performance and support.

However, I wish they offered staging environment with Startup Plan (which is a basic plan). But I can’t complain much considering the price, as these services come with premium pricing.

Read comprehensive guide on Siteground wordpress hosting

If you need a cheaper option without compromising on service and performance, then we recommend Bluehost shared WordPress hosting.

There are other cheaper WordPress hosting providers starting from just $1.99.

#4 – Bluehost US

Bluehost US hosting - wordpress
  • Starts $3.95 Per Month
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Free Domain for 1 Year
  • Fastest Server Response Time
  • 50 GB SSD Storage
  • $200 Marketing Credit (Check T&C’s)

Bluehost is quite popular among wordpress bloggers due to its low price hosting .

It’s basic plan is good enough for those who are just starting their business and don’t want to invest huge money in initial stage.

Bluehost’s shared wordpress hosting is ideal for the following business types:-

  • Bloggers ( maintaining personal blogs )
  • Affiliate Marketers ( trying out luck and not making money)
  • Photographers ( to showcase your portfolio and sell services)
  • Company Site (which is much of a static site and shows what the company is all about)
  • Coupon/deal Sites (small site)

But if you are one of these:-

  • Professional Bloggers (making money out of blog)
  • Experienced Affiliate Marketer (scaling your site and business)
  • Big Coupon and Deal Sites (with huge traffic)

Then consider investing in managed WordPress hosting companies like Kinsta and Cloudways, which gives you a lot of flexibility in terms of server and hardware selection. Which is not possible with Bluehost.

Now the features you get with Bluehost’s basic shared WordPress hosting plan are:-

  • 1 free domain for an year
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 50 GB SSD storage
  • 25 Subdomains
  • Automatic WordPress install and updates
  • $200 marketing credit ($100 for Microsoft and $100 for Google, when you spend $25 on a new Microsoft and Google account). Do check terms and conditions or contact Bluehost on chat to understand how this works.

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