Dec 14, 2020 @ 12:14 am

How to disable Android Apps (without Uninstalling & Data Loss) and Enable them later?

Mobile apps have become an integral part of our lives now a days. We have app for everything – Starting from online buying to lose weight. We all love using them around the clock as they are easy to use, suffice the purpose well and saves a lot of time as well.

Android Apps

Instead of searching on the browser, searching for anything in the related app is hassle-free. It saves your data and time.

For example, if you are using an online shopping app, all your payment details, shipping address and correspondence address will be saved in there forever. No need to fill it up each time you place an order. But is not the case with the browser.

That is why we all love apps. Don’t we?

When we install an app on our Android phone, it certainly consumes certain space of our phone’s external or internal storage.

Even if you are not using it frequently, it keeps on running on background and consumes not only space but also make your phone hang a little bit. In that case, you need to uninstall the app. Now uninstalling that app might lead to losing all the data related to that app. Losing data is what we fear the most these days.

When we uninstall any program on Windows, it remembers all the data and auto-filled it when you re-install it again. But this is not the case with Android. The moment you uninstall the app, you lose the data related to that particular app. The reason for this is:

Your app uses two storage spaces to get stored on the phone. They are:-

1. Internal storage memory

2. External storage memory which comes in the form of SD cards and the App database.

In the majority of the cases, your apps will get stored in the App database as it is the most secure place for them.

To ensure the security of the system, the Android remembers the data only if the app is installed on your phone and available for use. Keeping the data of the removed app is not supported by the androids system.

In that case, how can you prevent losing the data of the related app for future reference?

Well, here is a way out.

We would suggest you disable the app rather than un-installing it completely. By making it disabled, you actually clear up a part of your phone storage space and can save the data as well.

If you do so, all the data will be retrieved back once you install the app in future. No need to fill up that data again.

Here are the steps.

1. Go to the “Setting”.

Go to - Settings

2. Go the “Application Manager” or “Apps”.

Application Manager - Apps

3. Open the app which you are not using any longer or what to uninstall.

Open the app no longer usable

4. Now, there will be two options available for you: Force Stop or Disable.

disable app

5. Choose Disable option. By choosing this option, your android system will actually make it disappear from your app lists and keep it stored in the background. All your app data would be saved for future references.

confirm app disable upon popup

This method is going to work only for those apps which come with your phones. The apps which you download from the Android app store won’t show up the Disable option.

It will directly show up the “Uninstall” option. If you have uninstalled an app which belongs to this category then we might fear that restoring the app data would be next to impossible.

However, apps which use your e-mail id and phone numbers to start or launch will be able to restore all your data forever.

For example, if you are using Paytm app which needs your mobile phone and e-mail details for login will be able to restore all your data automatically. So, if you uninstall that app then you are going to get back all the details once you re-install it.

Basically, the apps which need your login details will never lose your data. On the other hand, apps like gaming apps and beauty apps, downloaded from App gallery are hard to restore as they don’t need your login details.

To retrieve data related to that app, you need to take the help of some data restoration software available in the market. You can use this software to recover your app data.

Now, there are times when we need those disables app back suddenly. In that case, you need to follow these steps:

For inbuilt apps.

1. Go to the settings.
2. Open Apps.
3. Go the details of the respective app.
4. Click on “Enable” and you will be able to get back your app with all the data intact.

Enable app the same way you disabled

For downloaded apps.

1. Open Play Store.

2. Type the app name which you want to download and click on “Install “. Once you install the app then those who need your login details will automatically recover your data.

3. For others, you need to buy paid software like dr.fone, Helium Android App Data Back Up (it is a free app) and so on.

4. You can also try using ADB with the command: adb -d shell “pm uninstall -k”.

It is a highly versatile commanding tool developed by Android only that allows you to build a communication with your device.

This client-server program helps you to perform some actions like installing and debugging effortlessly.

With the help of these simple and easy steps, you can easily get back your app data. All you need to go is just follow them and implement.

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