Jul 26, 2018 @ 1:41 am

How to Become Published Author in a Few Days?

If you want to become a published writer or author but you don’t know where to start then keep reading this article because, by the time you finish reading it, you might become an author. Every year many students enter college dreaming to become the next Shakespeare or J. K. Rowling but reality hits hard when it’s difficult to even get the first book published.

There are millions of authors out there and just a few publications, this field is indeed competitive. With the growing number of authors, the rejection chances are increasing too.

However, if you follow the golden rules then you can easily get through the publication barriers. If you have a wealth of experience, loads of interests and numerous ideas that you want to share with the rest of the world then writing a book can be your best option.

People search for knowledge in books and even the most basic knowledge can be beneficial to someone. Even though when the odds of getting published are low, writing a book can be a liberating process. Just in case, if you get rejected by almost every publication then there is a plan B too. Yes, you can become a self-published author with no hassle whatsoever.

Self-publishing gives a plethora of opportunities to both the new authors and the experienced author. Just follow this ‘How To’ guide and become a published author.

Follow these Steps to Become a Published Author

1) Think like a professional writer.

Ask yourself that do you enjoy writing? Do you have the self-discipline to stick to writing even if you have a writer’s block? Can you work under deadlines? Do you like dealing with facts, opinions, data, ideas, and books? Before you get into writing, you must ask all these questions to yourself and the answer should be consistently, Yes.

author, writer

Being a writer is a hard job and you must be dedicated and persistent to accomplish your goals. You won’t have any office because you will be writing on your own so you must follow a proper schedule. Along the way, you might face a lot of problems but you must believe in yourself and keep trying.

2) Ideas.

For any writer, ideas are lifeblood. To write any book, you must have an initial idea on which the book will be based. You can find inspirations and ideas from your own life, other people’s, your surroundings, and even from a work of art. Keep a ideas’ book handy at all times and write down a list of ideas that can be turned into a book.

Think ideas and write then down

It could be as simple as budget backpacking tips, sewing designs and techniques, DIY home decor, ways of writing a book, and anything that you can think of. Just choose something that you are expert at. People want information and you must be able to provide valuable information to them through your experience and expertise.

3) Create an outline.

Before you start writing, you must create an outline that acts as a roadmap while the writing process. An outline helps in creating a framework for the book and it acts as a perfect guide for new writers. In either a chronological order or a logical order, create an outline and mention keywords or topics or titles.

4) Write the book.

This part is certainly the hardest part yet it is fun too. If you are certain of what you want to convey to your audience, you can easily write the book in a flow. However, some people may face problems putting their thoughts together. In such a situation, you can use these two methods – mind mapping & brainstorming.

Write the book

In mind mapping, all you have to do is write the title or the fundamental idea of your book in the middle and start writing words that are related to the topic next to them. Write till you feel that you have written everything you can think of.

At the end, use the keywords from the mind-map to create an outline and begin writing. Brainstorming is just about thinking of what you want to write and how you want to present it to the readers.

5) Proof-read, edit and finishing touch-ups.

Before you send the manuscript to the publisher, you must hire a professional editor to edit your first draft. They will also proof-read the content while eliminating all irregularities, errors, grammatical issues, and repetitive content.

Proof read content

They will also set it in a proper template to match the industrial format. You can do this by yourself too but you must know the procedures extremely well. Add a blurb, preface, foreword, copyright page, cover, introduction, dedication, acknowledgment, and any other page that you feel is necessary or adds value to the book.

6) Get published.

Contact publisher who would be interested in publishing your book, sen them a synopsis and first chapter as a sample. Wait till your book gets approved by a publisher. Just in case, if you find it difficult to get a publisher or you don’t like the terms of the contract then you can choose for any self-publishing platform. They are fairly good and takes less effort.

Get book published

You can self-publish on Kindle, Createspace, Pothi, and the list is long.

That’s it, just 6 steps to becoming a published author. Each step requires hard work, dedication, and consistency. If you stay so, you can write a book in just a week. Literally, I have seen many people nail it like a pro. So, get started and welcome to the world of writers.