How to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership: A Quick Guide

How to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership and other unused subscriptions is a quick, easy way to recover your hard-earned cash. Cutting unnecessary expenses from your budget can help you achieve your financial goals and increase monthly savings.

If you’re looking to cancel your Planet Fitness membership, it’s essential to understand the process and potential fees involved. Here are the ways to terminate your subscription, reclaim your monthly and annual fees, and ensure your bank account isn’t billed in the future.

At A Glance: 4 Ways to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership

There are four main ways to cancel a Planet Fitness gym membership:

  1. In person at your home club
  2. By mail
  3. Online
  4. By third-party financial app

When to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership

Understanding the timing of your Planet Fitness membership cancellation is crucial to avoid unnecessary charges. The gym requires seven business days to process a cancellation notice. So, if you want to end your membership on the 10th of the upcoming month, your cancellation notice must reach Planet Fitness by the 3rd of that month.

Additionally, the annual fee will be charged unless the gym receives your cancellation by the 25th of the month before the fee is due. Plus, the gym charges a $58 buyout fee for memberships with a minimum term in the contract. Failing to pay this fee means your cancellation won’t go through, and you’ll accrue more annual and monthly fees.

Remember, successfully canceling your Planet Fitness membership doesn’t mean you’ll get a refund. Planet Fitness might not prorate your bill or return any fees, depending on the terms of your membership contract. As a result, it’s crucial to review your contract and follow up with the gym about possible refunds.

When You Might Have a Membership Cancellation Fee

You’ll pay a membership cancellation fee if your Planet Fitness membership contract includes it. Specifically, a $58 buyout fee is included in memberships with a minimum term. Likewise, you’ll incur a fee if you cancel too late in the month to avoid the next month’s bill.

4 Ways to Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership

Planet Fitness’ overall cancellation policy requires written or in-person notice from you to end your subscription. However, the cancellation process can vary from one local club to another, and some have an online cancellation mechanism as well. Here are the ways to cancel your Planet Fitness membership:

1. In person at your home club

The most straightforward way to cancel is in person at your home club. When you speak with a staff member at the front desk about ending your membership, they’ll provide a document for you to complete. Fill it out thoroughly and correctly to ensure the cancellation goes through smoothly. Remember, it’s crucial to do so at least seven business days from your next billing date to avoid extra fees.

2. By mail

You can also send in a cancellation form to cancel your membership. The notice should include your name, address, membership ID, and home club information. Call your home club to ask about their specific mail-in cancellation policies and check if they can send you a form to fill out. Additionally, clubs may require certified mail for cancellation. If they don’t, it’s still a good idea because you can track your form and ensure it reaches your home club’s address.

3. Online

You might be able to cancel your membership online depending on your membership type and home club location. It’s essential to contact your home club to verify your online cancellation options. If your home club allows online cancellations, you’ll fill out an online notice with your personal information. Note that the cancellation can still take seven business days to process.

4. By third-party financial app

If your Planet Fitness home club allows online cancellations, financial apps can help you cancel your membership. After creating your account and linking your membership information, follow the app’s instructions to terminate your membership. If your home club doesn’t allow online cancellation, terminating your membership through the app won’t be possible.

Other Options for Your Planet Fitness Membership

Closing your membership isn’t the only way to reduce monthly costs for your Planet Fitness account. Here are some alternatives:

Downgrading to a Lower Level

There are two levels of Planet Fitness membership: Classic and PF Black Card. The Classic option allows unlimited access to your home club, workouts through the Planet Fitness app, and participation in the partner rewards program. It usually costs between $10 and $15 monthly and is cheaper than the PF Black Card option.

If you have a PF Black Card membership, you’re likely paying about $25 monthly. While this level grants numerous perks, such as free guest passes and access to any Planet Fitness gym worldwide, it’s also about twice as expensive as the Classic package in most cases. So, downgrading to the Classic level can cut your monthly bill by $10 or more. You can downgrade your membership by visiting your home club and speaking to a staff person at the front desk.

Pausing Your Membership

Planet Fitness also allows members to freeze or pause their accounts for a specific period if they develop a medical complication that prevents them from exercising. You can visit or call your home club to pause your membership. If your annual fee occurs during the paused months, the gym might waive or delay it. Additionally, the freeze will push back all prepaid months of membership.

How to Verify Your Planet Fitness Membership Cancellation

You can verify your Planet Fitness membership cancellation by checking the statements from the account linked to the membership. Any charges from “Planet Fit Club” or “Planet Fitness” on your bank or credit card statements are usually from monthly or annual membership fees with the gym. If these items continue appearing on your statements after attempting cancellation, the account is still active. In this case, it’s vital to follow up with your home club to ask about finalizing your cancellation.

FAQs About Canceling Planet Fitness Memberships

These frequently asked questions provide a quick reference to the basics of canceling your Planet Fitness Membership.

What’s the fastest way to cancel a Planet Fitness membership?

The fastest way to cancel a Planet Fitness membership is to go to your home club in person. Speak to the front desk staff about canceling and complete the cancellation paperwork with the correct information. The gym should process and finalize the cancellation within seven business days after you submit the paperwork.

Can I pause my Planet Fitness membership?

You can pause or freeze your Planet Fitness membership if a temporary medical issue interrupts your ability to exercise. Call or visit your home club to discuss the terms of your pause and how it will affect your billing. Remember, your annual and monthly fees may still occur during the pause, depending on your membership terms.

What if Planet Fitness keeps charging me?

Contacting or visiting your Planet Fitness home club is the best way to resolve charges if you’ve already taken action to cancel your membership. Remember, you can’t cancel your membership on the phone, and online cancellation is only available at certain home clubs. Dealing with the issue in person at your home club is the most direct, straightforward way to finalize cancellation.

Can I cancel Planet Fitness by email?

Members cannot cancel their Planet Fitness subscription by email. They must visit their home club in person or send a cancellation notice by mail. Additionally, cancellation online or through third-party apps might be possible at certain clubs.

Can I cancel Planet Fitness by phone?

You cannot cancel your Planet Fitness membership by phone. The gym accepts cancellations in person or through the mail, with specific clubs also allowing online cancellations.

The Bottom Line

Canceling a Planet Fitness membership is possible by visiting your home club in person or sending in a cancellation notice in the mail. Additionally, some clubs may allow cancellation online or by a third-party app, although these capabilities vary by location. If you don’t want to cancel but want to save money, downgrading or pausing your membership are alternatives to reduce monthly costs if you qualify. For tips on other tech tasks, check out our guide on How to screen record on a Windows PC.

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