Dec 14, 2020 @ 12:14 am

How to create a Tag on Mac?

Tags are quite powerful and help you access your important files quickly. Tag on Mac works the same way labels work in GMAIL. If you are a new Mac user and haven’t explored it yet, then you must give it a try.

If you are already familiar with Tags but need help creating a new one, then follow the steps given below.

1. Go to finder

Go to finder

2. Open finder preferences

open finder preferences

3. Click on Tags

click on Tag

4. Then click on the add [+] Sign at the bottom

click on Plus [+] sign in the bottom

5. Click on the untitled tag to rename it, alternatively – Two finger tap to rename it.

click on untitled tag to rename it

6. Now click on a circle and select any color from the list.

select circle and choose color

7. Don’t forget to tick the square box (placed next to the newly created tag) so it will appear in the finder sidebar.

tick the square to display in sidebar

new tag created successfully

8. In final step, Press Command + N to open the finder window and verify if newly created tag is visible in sidebar or not.

verify the tag in finder sidebar

This is how you create a new tag on a Mac, the method is tested on Sierra and High Sierra operating systems, however the settings are generic and it should work with all previous versions as well.