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How to Create a YouTube Channel and make it popular?

You must have heard of YouTube, an online platform to upload or watch videos. Of course, you have. Problem is – you use it for watching videos and not to upload videos (and make money).

YouTube, YouTubers, and YouTubing – all these buzzwords are trending nowadays. If you have some talent and patience, you can make YouTube your source of earning online. Thinking how? Go through our step by step guide and learn how to create a YouTube channel and earn a good wholesome of money through it.

Creating YouTube Channel and Uploading Videos

Foremost requirement is to garner a loyal community who will view whatever your upload. For that you need to:

1. Connect YouTube with Gmail account

Create your YouTube account and connect it with your Gmail account. Otherwise, YouTube won’t allow you to upload any video. To do so, you will have to log in to your Gmail account.

Now click on this link and a page, as shown in the image, will open up.

create new youtube channel

2. Give your channel a Relevant Name

That’s where your YouTube journey begins.

Think of a unique and catchy name that differs from all. It should be easy to remember and must be something that is unequivocal i.e. which should have a direct indication to the videos.

For an instance – if you are going to upload songs, it should be somewhat around ABC MP3, or Geet, Sur Sangeet etc.

Pro Tips: Before setting, check if the name is not preoccupied as YouTube may allow it but it will affect your following & reputation later. It may also confuse and divert your fan following. Lastly, choose your YouTube Channel name wisely, as you cannot change it before 3 months.

Once you have filled the name, it will appear like this:

name youtube channel wisely

3. Set up your YouTube channel

So, the channel is ready, but it’s all empty. Before you start uploading videos, it is essential to describe what your channel is about. Adding description, profile image, channel art, etc. can help.

Click on Customize Channel > About.

You will reach this page.

choose channel name wisely

Now fill in all the important details, and save those. It will help you get more and more subscribers once you will start uploading videos.

4. Upload your video

Some tips for new YouTubers here:

  •   Find out good tools and come up with quality content so that people can like and comment on it.
  •   Do not copy ideas or content. Your account may face copyright strikes for doing so (which may       result in account suspension).
  •  Give your video a good thumbnail and a suitable easy to recognize title.
  •  Make a good video description, which is SEO friendly too. It will help you rank high. Once the video is ready, just click on the upload icon, present on the top left corner (check image below):

upload video

Pro Tip: Maintain your channel by uploading videos often. If people find something good or bad they would comment in the comment box, keep rechecking and try to resolve their queries and go with their suggestions.

Remove offending comments and put questions that may have simple yes or no type answers.

Now, try filling more and more details by visiting all these video-related sections, as shown in figure:

enter basic information

add more details

5. Gather crowd for your videos: Socialize and Communicate

To increase the views and subscribers, you will have to gather a crowd to your videos and have to ensure their regular visit. Understand their demographics i.e. their age, gender, location, visit time and other factors.

This would allow you to understand their interest and production of videos accordingly. If your video is a sensation, this will happen by itself, if not, you have to keep promoting.

Pro Tip: Use the social networks to promote and do not forget replying to people’s reactions. It will keep them bound to visit your channel.

6. Analyze Reactions and Understand Creator Studio

Simply put, creator studio is the dashboard for a Youtuber. You can view everything related to your channel here. To open creator studio, click on your channel’s name in the top right corner and select ‘creator Studio’ from there:

understand creator studio

A screen will open up (something like below):

a screen will popup like this

From this YouTube dashboard, you can see your channel’s statistics and all major details. Spend some time in trying and understanding all the options present here.

How to Make your YouTube Channel Popular and Earn Money Through it?

Fame is on aspect and money is another. But if you will put all focus on earning and fill your channel with advertisements, you will lose the subscribers, and therefore, the money. So, you will need to focus on keeping user-experience awesome and quality of your content, the best. Money will follow. Here’ how:

1. Let your passion and creativity be the subject of your videos

Creating multiple videos of the same subject would be better than multiple different subjects. Create their interest first and if they like your subjects then stick to them. Be creative and produce unique videos.  These videos can constitute songs, mimicry, humor, teaching, and lots more as per your creation.

2. Draw Success Strategy

Success doesn’t come easily; you need to be different and unique. Prepare a strategy that would let people turn to you more and more. Your strategy can relate to their interest or maybe their needs.

You can incorporate valuable and good comments to forge a particular video to set an impression. Add links to your previously featured videos in new videos for recent visitors.

Keep a check on your uploads if someone else may have uploaded your video content again to get views i.e. protect your video from theft, if you find something fishy, report it to YouTube.

3. Keep Promoting

The more you promote your channel or videos the more views and subscribers you will get. Your audience will like, comment and subscribe your channel, this would increase your rating.

Tell your friends and viewers to share your videos and get them viral.

4. Use efficient tools

Focus on SEO strategy, increase your social presence, use picture editing tools, Google keyword planner. Keep analyzing your channel and audience search & requirement.

Add comment boxes to pass special messages in the videos.

5. Enable monetization

Go to your channel, and enable monetization to get paid from YouTube. Thinking how to enable monetization for your youtube channel? The procedure is simple:

  • Just open Creator Studio.
  • Choose ‘Channel’ option from the left menu.
  • Find ‘Monetization’ section on the dashboard.
  • Click on ‘Enable’.

enable monetization

You will reach this screen then:

review and agree terms and conditions of youtube


–   Accept Terms and Conditions of YouTube.

–   Register with Google AdSense. It shows ads on your videos and whenever these ads are clicked by the viewers, Google AdSense pays you for it.

For this you need to click on “Monetize with Ads” option in “channel setting tab’, then set up a Google AdSense account which contains your bank account and mail address detail.

This will allow you to make money from ads by becoming a YouTube Partner.

–  Video Monetization will only be enabled after verification, when your viewers reach 4000 hr. and subscribers to 1K in maximum 365 days.

You can throw live streaming also. This will justify your online presence and may impress your viewers.

You need to add-on the views and subscribers, so keep on reminding the viewers for subscription.

Other Ways of Earning Through YouTube

  • Associate and work with brands as an affiliate or influencer or License your content to the media. This will definitely invoke viewers to reach you and increase traffic.
  • Sell merchandise or products on your channel. The owners of these products would sign a deal and will pay accordingly.

So, now you get to know various ways of earning through YouTube. Make sure whatever you produce should charm the viewer’s mind so that they would return to you frequently; this is the only tactic to maximize your earning from YouTube.

Maintain your niche in the market by being frequent uploaded.

Having a passion for creating, editing and putting your thought online can take you far. Moreover, if you think people like your ideas and creativity, you can become a perfect YouTuber.

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