Jun 19, 2018 @ 1:41 am

How to Improve your English speaking skills at Home?

We all know that English is without a doubt, the most spoken language in the world. It has most number of native speakers around the globe. With over 980 million speakers, English language is a lingua franca for the world today. In many countries, it is the most used language for higher studies, business, work, etc. Therefore, to be a part of the global village, you must speak, write, read, and understand this language like a pro.

We have gathered a list of top seven tips to help you improve your English language skills in just a few days at home. These tips and tricks are tried & tested. Also, they have always worked for new language learners. So let’s head straight to the list.

1) Speak to yourself

speak to yourself

This exercise is easy still it can be extremely beneficial for all the language learners. We usually speak to ourselves and think in our native language, So speak to yourself in English to have a better grip over it.

While thinking, let your thoughts flow in English language and correct yourself if you make a mistake.

With time, you will become more fluent and most importantly, you can practice this anytime and anywhere. When you are thinking about your day, which food to order, who to call, and what to do than speculate and introspect in English.

2) Talk & learn

talk and learn


Most people have heard of this practice but they never take it seriously. Several language experts and teachers suggests that if you speak a language in your every day life then it becomes a part of your mental processes.

To do this, you can conduct a group study at your school or home and practice with your classmates or friends. Speak to everyone in English language, strictly.

You can also play quizzes, puzzles, Q/A games, and much more to have a fun time while learning with your buddies.

3) Mirror exercise

Do this exercise everyday for few minutes. It will help you learn English at home and you will become better communicators. First, stand or sit in front of a mirror and speak to yourself in English. For 5 minutes speak on a topic and keep debating it with yourself. Notice your mistakes and work on your weak points later. Keep a check of your grammar, vocabulary, sentences, etc.

4) Watch & learn

watch and learn

In the digital era, you can access everything on the virtual world. Google can solve all your problems and give you answers for most of the questions. You can search for various educational videos, lectures, blogs , articles, quizzes, exercises, infotainment videos, etc.

Just go to YouTube and learn while watching an educational video. You will find numerous videos that teaches English language on YouTube and they are interesting, comprehensive, and fun.

Watch at least 4-5 videos on educational sites like Khan Academy or YouTube to learn more about any English topic, it could be punctuation, grammar, phonetic symbols, etc.

5) Online English language course

Without spending any money, you can learn English language at home. You just have to go online and find a course that is free. Literally, there are hundreds of websites that offer free courses. You can easily learn, revise, and study English language from top scholars, teachers, lecturers, etc.

Taking a fun-interactive online course and studying from a textbook, are two different things.

You can learn more an online course rather than a book. We learn more through an audio-visual medium that is engaging and interesting rather than a huge book with clustered words that makes everyone sleepy.

6) Use an App

download english learning app

Thousands of English learning apps are available at play store which can be easily downloaded on your smartphones at no cost. Go to your phone’s play store, search for english learning apps and download them. They are fun, interactive, and informative.

You will find various fun activities that will test your understanding of English and you weak points. Then you will learn vocabulary, grammar, spellings, pronunciation, etc on these apps.

7) Sing in English

Sing in english

When you get tired from learning by textbooks, try this fun trick. You never have to stop learning even in your leisure time.

We all love to sing. It makes us calm and composed. On a break, turn on the English music channel on tv or radio and sing along.

Open the lyrics and just get a hold of it. While listening, repeat the lyrics.

Don’t just listen and repeat but also, understand it. If you don’t know the meaning of a certain word then Google it or find it in the dictionary. Just keep the process light and fun.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start learning. Afterall, learning is the key to wisdom and knowledge.