How to Open a Fix Deposit Online in HDFC Bank? 

Visiting banks and filling forms is not only inconvenient but also cost you a lot of time and money. 

Now you all must be thinking how it will cost us money? Don’t overlook the traveling expense. 

Most of the Nationalized and Private sector banks allow you to open an FD via netbanking. But their interface can be a bit daunting for the new users.  

Let’s explore how to book an FD through HDFC Netbanking.

First 5 steps are for the new users who haven’t used HDFC Netbanking before. Expert users can follow from 6th Step

Follow the step by step guide given below: – 

  1. Open google and search HDFC Netbanking, refer to the image below 

Visit the HDFC official page 

Search for HDFC Netbanking in google
  1. Ensure the link you opened starts from HTTPS (marked in green), do make a note of ‘S’ in https. 
  1. On login page, enter your username/customer ID. 
  1. Click on continue 
  1. Enter the password, and tick/check the box next to Please confirm your Secure Access Image and Message and click on login. 
Enter username and password in the desired field
  1. After login, you will see a few options on your left side. 
  1. Click on Transact and choose open fix deposit less than 5 crore. 
On the left hand menu - Click on Transact
  1. Now, you will have a form to fill in all the details e.g.  
  • Type of FD : Regular or 5 years Tax saving (its up to your requirement but in our case we chose Regular). 
  • Place of FD : Home Branch 
  • Enter your deposit amount 
  • Nature of Deposit ( you get 4 options in the drop down) 
  1. Days (between 7-180 days) 
  1. Monthly Interest Payout (choose this if you need interest monthly) 
  1. Quarterly Interest Payout (choose this option if you need interest quarterly) 
  1. Reinvestment of Interest (This is the best option to choose as you get compound interest). 
click on Open Fix Deposit
  • In next field, you need to enter Months and days, suppose you want to fix deposit for 1 year and 3 days then you need to enter 12 in months field and 3 in days field. 
  • Moving to next option – Maturity Instructions. Here you need to choose any of the following options depending upon your requirements:- 
  1. Renew principal and interest 
  1. Renew principal only 
  1. Do not renew 

In our case, we chose do not renew.  

Enter amount, Deposit Period, and follow on screen instructions.

Note: When you choose any of these options in Maturity field, next few options will get automatically filled. You don’t need to make any changes there nor you will be allowed to do so. 

  1. If you want to avail nominee facility click yes in the radio button. 
  • If there is no nominee mapped in savings account then select – Please enter a new nominee name or else choose replicate savings account nominee. 
  1. In the end, you need to click on continue. 
  1. Now you will get a confirmation screen, where you need to confirm all the entered details and check terms and conditions. 
  1. Final step, press confirm and you are done.