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How to recover permanently deleted files from Google Docs?

Have you ever deleted an important file accidentally which was supposed to stay in your Google drive forever?

It is one of the most common problems that we face while working on our system. Sometimes we deleted them by mistake or sometimes we deleted them consciously without knowing that we are going to use it in future.

Well, whatever is the reason, the good news, you can easily recover your permanently deleted files from Google Docs. There is no rocket science behind it. Only a few steps and procedures that you need to follow and you can easily retrieve your deleted Google docs files.

When you store any of your documents in Google docs, all the data get saved in Google drive. Google drive is an app which allows a user to save its documents and other related data over cloud space. Each user has its own specific cloud space.

How to Use Google Drive?

google drive

To use it, you need to sync your Gmail account to it. Once your Gmail account is synced with it, it is going to get a back-up of your existing data including photos, documents, and video. Upon deleting your data from your PC or mobile phone also, it is saved in the Google drive for eternity.

How to recover permanently deleted files from Google Docs through Google Drive?

Google Drive keeps your data readily available for remote access, at the same time, it keeps it safe. In case, you have deleted any file from Google drive as well, it can be recovered through the Trash of Google drive. As the Trash of Google drives never get automatically emptied, it is easy to recover any document and other data even after you delete them permanently from your system or mobile phone.

There are two scenarios to consider while you are looking to retrieve all your permanently deleted Google Docs:

• Are you trying to restore your files within 25 days after deleting?

• Are you trying to get back the file which was deleted long back?

If you belong to the first category then retrieving the deleted file is as easy as clapping. All you need to do simply follow these steps:

Step 1

Login to your Google account.

login to google account

Step 2

Go to the Google Drive. Check the top right side to locate the option.

locate the option on top right

Step- 3– Go to Menu and click “Trash” or “Bin “.

Trash or Bin

Step 4

Search the Google Doc that you want to restore. The search bar is at the top of your Google drive layout.

search the file you deleted and want to recover Step 5

Upon finding, right click on the file. You will get two options visible on your screen.

  • Restore.
  • Delete Forever.

Click “Restore” to retrieve your deleted file. You can simply drag the desired file from Trash to any non-trash folder and your file will be retrieved there. To do this:

  • Just click on the desired file and press the left button on your mouse.
  • Move the cursor toward the extreme left pane of your Google drive where all the folders are listed.
  • Choose the folder where you want to restore your file and release the cursor over it. You will notice that the file has been disappeared from the Trash folder.
  • To confirm the restoration, open the folder and you will notice that your deleted file is right there.

In case, you are not sure where the file was located, click on the “Locate” option that shows off as soon as you restore your file and you will be able to locate its location.

Storage location

The above-mentioned procedure is going to help you out only if you are trying to retrieve your deleted documents within a span of 25 days of deletion. If you have crossed this time limit then you have to take the help of Google support team to retrieve your files. Here is the example of the Google form.

Fill Google Form

Fill in all the details correctly and wait for their response. Keep on checking your mailbox regarding the update of the recovery process. Once Google will complete the process, you can see your files in your Google drive.

Note: Google will be able to help you in this case only if you are the owner of the file or the lost data.

Apart from that, there are various third-party software applications available in the market that helps you to recover your permanent deleted files easily. You can buy them to help you out restoring your deleted files. However, we won’t suggest you this unless you are not getting any help from the above two mentioned method.

Cases for retrieving your deleted Google docs file

Though, with these methods, you would be able to retrieve your deleted files easily. There are the situations in which you won’t be able to restore your deleted files.

• You will not be able to restore the data and files of your own that has been deleted for more than 25 days.

• Restoring your deleted files will not be possible if you have deleted the folder structure and its main folder.

• You will not be able to restore a file located in the “Spam” folder.

Tips to prevent losing your data

Tips to prevent losing your data

It is always better to store your data safely and securely rather than struggling hard to retrieve them. Here are our tips to prevent losing your data forever.

• Don’t delete them straight away rather move them to “Trash”. When you delete your files directly chances are that you get it back. You never know which information or detail you want later. So, it is better to move them to “Trash”.

• Don’t ever remove any file or folder from Emergency Recover Option. If you go do so then forget about getting it back.

• Always create a local backup for your important data and details. Use a hard disk to store your data locally. This way you become doubly sure that you are not going to lose any single file and data which could be of use at any point in time.

Losing your files and data could be a huge setback. If you are facing this problem, then try using above-explained methods and retrieve them. Good luck!

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