Aug 4, 2018 @ 1:39 pm

How to Remodel Your Lifeless Bathroom with Easy-To-Find Decor Items?

“How do I transform my dull bathroom into a vibrant space that is pleasing to the eyes and functional too?”

Do you ponder this thought every time you enter your drab and lifeless bathroom? Does the sight of your messy bathroom interior make you cringe and run for cover? Then why not add some colour and life to this important room that is so much more than a simple functional space?

boring bathroom
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After all, it is your bathroom that sets the tone for your long day ahead.

Wondering how to spruce up your boring bathroom with decor items that are easy to install and do not cost a bomb?

Here are 6 remodelling ideas that are effective enough to make your bathroom dazzle in no time!

1. Welcome Nature into Your Bathroom

Indoor plants are a natural way to brighten up the interiors of your private space. They soothe your eyes, purify the air around you and replace your bathroom’s strong odour with their pleasant aroma.


welcome nature to your bathroom
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• Look for tropical plants that can survive in the dark and humid environment of your bathroom. Aloe, Orchid, Spider Plant, Snake Plant, Bamboo, Grape Ivy, Fern and Bromeliad are few plant species that fit the bill here

• To make the best use of creepers, let them trail along places that are otherwise unused. This could be your room’s window sills or the top of your bathroom door or cabinet

• Is your bathroom too small for elaborate décor ideas? Then, instead of utilizing its floor space, use space-saving hanging pots to flaunt the enchanting greens

• Opt for plants of varying heights for specific areas of your bathroom. To make the best use of the dead corners, don’t look further than tall indoor plants to enhance the appeal of these neglected spaces.

Small potted plants, especially the floral ones, can act as your bathroom’s unique focal point when sitting pretty as centrepieces.

Consider placing them by the bath tub, next to the washbasin, on the countertop by the mirror or near the windowsill for a striking effect.

• For a spa-like vibe in your bathroom, try out fragrant indoor plants. Jasmine, Lily, Mint, Orchid, Lavender and citrus blossoms are top picks here.

2. Add Quirk and Colour to Your Bathroom with Peppy Shower Curtains

Shower curtains are both purposeful and decorative. They improve the look and feel of your bathroom and keep it dry by limiting water spills to the shower area.

Versatile to the core, you can experiment with them to invent unique bathroom themes or use them to create the perception of an enlarged space.

peppy shower curtains for bathroom
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• To make your bathroom look larger than it really is, hang your curtains from high above, preferably from the ceiling to add visual height to your room.

• If you want a soft romantic look for your comfort zone, then translucent water-proof shower curtains or frilly, ruffled curtains are your best bet.

• Cute polkas and dreamy floral designs have a characteristic charm of their own. Their stunning look and feminine appeal can cheer up the dullest of spaces in the blink of an eye!

• Themed shower curtains are a welcome break from the monotony of solids and floral prints. They come in interesting patterns and designs and give you plenty of options to furnish your bathroom in an utterly novel way.

3. Make a Chic Statement with an Embellished Mirror

We usually think of mirrors as bathroom essentials and rarely consider them as effective style elements. Ever wondered how a mirror can play its part in accentuating the interior of your bathroom? Did we just hear you say ‘no’?

embellished mirror
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Then, here are few tips to help you utilise these ornamental pieces to your maximum advantage.

• Mirrors give your bathroom a bright and expansive feel by reflecting light all around and adding depth to the room interior.

While mirrors are commonly mounted on the area above the sink, there is no hard and fast rule here.

In fact, to make sure that they bounce light and add depth in abundance, look for bathroom spaces that can accommodate the largest possible mirror for the best effect

• Glitzy mirrors can double as wall art. Plenty of options are available in the market when it comes to statement mirrors that stand out for their decorative frames, attractive shapes and eccentric designs. Check out the image above for some inspiration

4. Indulge the ‘Bibliophile’ in You with a Creative Bookshelf

So, you thought that books are best meant for the library or your study room? Let’s help you shatter this common myth with some easy bathroom décor hacks that make use of bookshelves.

creative bookshelf fixed on a bathroom wall
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• Book lovers will agree that there is no greater joy than a warm luxurious soak, along with a book for company! If you have a large bathroom with plenty of unused space, then investing in a designer bookshelf is a good idea to fill up empty areas.

Other than providing you with all the space that you need to store your favourite bestsellers, an unusually designed bookshelf can also serve as a striking masterpiece for your bathroom

• Feeling distressed that you have limited bathroom area at your disposal? Why feel left out when you can indulge in your love of reading by bringing home an invisible bookshelf that does not consume any floor space?

Nothing short of an eye candy, you can affix this trendy piece to the bathroom wall for a clean designer look that is innovative and inspirational!

5. Embrace Versatility and Choose a Mirror-Cum-Cabinet

If budget is a major factor for you, then buy a multipurpose décor item to glam up your bathroom without going over budget.


bathroom mirror cum cabinet
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• Every bathroom needs a cabinet to store essentials, such as toiletries and medicines. Likewise, a mirror is also an invariable part of its set up.

So, instead of buying them one at a time, why not combine the two items into one with a wall mounted mirrored cabinet? Not only does it add elegance to your room and reduce your expenses but it is also a novel way to preserve space when you do not boast an expansive bathroom.

6. ‘Light up’ Your Bathroom with Dazzling Fixtures

Lights are one of the most basic yet powerful options to brighten up any gloomy space instantly.

• An easy way to revamp your bathroom is to make use of lights around your vanity mirror. We have already mentioned earlier about the role played by mirrors in spreading light all around and giving the impression of a larger room.

Bathroom sconces allow you to exploit this feature further. Look for sconces that can be fitted on either side of the mirror to avoid formation of shadows around your face

sconces either side of a mirror
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• Make your relaxing retreat look more inviting with accent lighting that emphasises the key areas or objects of your bathroom. Imagine that wall art that you had lovingly put up recently.

How about letting it steal the show with focused spotlights? Try it today for an effect that is just awe-inspiring!