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How to use public toilets when travelling with kids?

The health and hygiene of children is the most important concern for parents while traveling, and public toilets can be a significant challenge in these terms.

In order to stay ahead of any unwanted problems, you need to know how to use the public restrooms while traveling with your children safely and quickly to minimize the risk of infections and common diseases.

It can be difficult at times, but a few points can make things easier. No matter where the ‘urgency’ takes place, you can be safe and if you are careful.

The worries that a parent has regarding a toilet are genuine and serious. Public restrooms can be the most disgusting of places sometimes, and substitutes, unfortunately, may not be possible at times.

So, here is what you can do with what is available:

What to keep in mind?

Remember, this isn’t your house so the scene inside a restroom can be entirely different:

● If the bathroom is occupied, then you have to divert your kid’s mind and reassure them that it will only be a couple of minutes before it is available.

busy bathroom

● Never leave your child alone in a bathroom. You have to follow them and wait for them to finish their business.

never leave children alone in bathroom

● If your child is below the age of six years, then you can carry their personal restroom with you. This way they won’t find the task of relieving themselves that difficult. Carry their Potette Plus (click to see video and how to use it), as far as possible.

Potette plus for kids
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● No touching. Make sure that your child stays as far as possible from each object in the washroom. Open the door for them with the help of a tissue. Same rules apply for the taps, locks, and anything at all.

● You must try to use your foot to flush the toilet as far as possible, or use a tissue. It is the safest way to stay healthy during your trips.

● Flush before. Yes, remember that before your child/children use the bathroom, it is crucial that you flush it for them. Of course, you will use your foot to do it.

● The seat cover is a must. Don’t let your child’s bare body touch the toilet seat directly. There are tons of toilet sprays (PeeSafe Spray) available in the market today. Quickly spray it all over the seat before your child uses it, or you are the one who needs it.

spray Peesafe on toilet seat

● Once you are done using the bathroom, it is time to wash up. Once your children have washed their hands with water, pour some hand sanitizer into their palms. This is another critical thing to do. Carry hand sanitizers at all times.

● No cameras. No phones. Yes, sounds weird but you have to keep this in mind. When your child is using the washroom, there shouldn’t be anyone around who is texting or is busy with their phones. They can very easily take a picture, which you don’t want.

● Never leave a toilet without flushing it. Certain things need to be maintained by everyone in the world, and this is one of the most important ones. It should be you who does this if your child misses out on it.

These are some of the ways you can stay away from germs and keep your child safe too.

Other than these, there are some small and simple additional preparations you could do before you set out to travel. Also, there are few things you could pack along especially if your young ones are a little fussy.

● Carry a set of fresh and clean clothes for your child in your handbag. In case you face an emergency, this is going to come in handy.

● Make sure they use the bathroom in the hotel or at home before you start your journey.

● If you don’t have toilet sprays, then ask your children especially girls to finish their job by hovering over the seat and not actually sitting on it.

● Educate your child. If your kid has learned how to walk, then try to explain it to them how unsafe or unhygienic a toilet can be.

● A quick survey of the bathroom stalls before you actually use one of them is very important. See whether the seats are cleaned. Check for toilet paper and whether or not it flushes. Even if the slightest thing inside a bathroom stall disgusts you, don’t use it.

● Under no circumstance should your child use the bathroom floor to pee. Make this point very, very clear to them.

● Ziplock bags are going to be your savior when you are traveling with kids. Use these for wipes, wet clothes, clean clothes, sanitizers and other important stuff that your kid might need while traveling.

● If you are carrying your child’s toilet with you then make sure it is the one, they are used to at home.

● Take your child to a public restroom before your actual trip. This is going to help them understand what you are trying to educate them about.

● Masks. Another crucial thing that one has to do is use masks. Not only will it keep your child from unwanted smell inside a bathroom, but germs will stay far away too.

● If someone is smoking inside a washroom, you can always ask them to step out. Clearly, public bathrooms aren’t the place for that.

● In any case, try to stay composed and calm and try not to panic. Remember any unpleasant emergency is an integral part of learning for you as a parent and can be an important lesson for your child to learn from too.

We don’t expect you to be an overworked germaphobe but being careful is always advisable.

Young children (especially girl child) are more prone to infections (example : UTI) if exposed to unhygienic conditions. And few careful considerations will keep them safe and healthy.

Rather than a trip burdened with the stress of dangerous infections, a few simple reminders like the ones above, can make your travels a much more comfortable and enjoyable experience. Happy traveling.

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  1. PeeSafe Spray : Spray on toilet seat 20 secs before using it.
  2. Dettol Sanitizer : Carry small plastic bottle in your wallet.


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