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How To Write A Journal Article?

To write a journal article, researchers have to devote many sleepless nights to the process of conducting research and analyzing results. The field of research demands persistence and dedication.

In the world of academia, the competition is extremely tough and every academician or research is supposed to publish several journal articles to prove their credibility.

At the starting point of career, everybody is speculating how to write a journal article that gets accepted by publications and journals

Learn how to write journal article


With this ‘How To’ guide, you can learn how to write a comprehensive and award-winning journal article within few minutes. There are several scholarly literatures, some require original research and others are based on already published work.

They are distinguished as – Primary literature and Secondary literature, respectively.

Journals are based on a particular field and it tackles with a specific issue or topic. Therefore, you must choose a suitable journal for your journal article before submission. If you are doing an empirical study then choose the journal that specializes in the field of social science.

In terms of a clinical trial, choose a journal that publishes content regarding the field of medicine. At last, ensure that you read the guidelines and specifications for different publications which are mentioned on the journal’s website.

Types of Journal Articles

All the major types of journal articles are mentioned below.

1) Research Reports / Empirical Studies

In these types of journal articles, authors report their own finding, study, and research. He/she collects data to back their research findings. The data is collected through surveys, interviews, observations, research studies, etc.

The article includes methods, results, background study, hypothesis, interpretations, implications, and findings on a given topic. The word limit can be from 3000 words to 12000 words depending on the journal or publication.

2) Review Articles

These types of journal articles give an overview of an existing literature in a particular field. It identifies problems, issues, solutions, and much more. With a balanced perspective, they analyze a published work on a specific topic. They are also known as secondary literature.

They can be further divided into three subgroups: systematic reviews, literature reviews, and meta-analyses. The word limit varies from 3000 words to 6000 words.

3) Opinion, Book Reviews, Commentary, & Perspective

These journal articles are the rest of types of journal articles that contain scholarly reviews, personal point of view, perspective piece, opinion, and much more.

It conveys the viewpoint of the author on analysis, methods, or interpretations of a particular study. The word limit could be as low as 2000 words and as high as 5000 words.

4) Theoretical Articles

This type of journal article contains established or new abstract principles based on a specific field of knowledge

Step by Step Process

This step by step process will take you from idea to ideation and first draft to final manuscript. Just follow the steps properly.

1) Choose the number of authors and prepare a list of contributing authors. You can also choose to write alone without any co-author.

2) Conduct experiments, interviews, surveys, research, and analysis thoroughly. Take a note of your findings.

3) Start by choosing a journal and choose a particular topic among the recommended topics.

4) Read the guidelines and specializations.

5) Start by writing the title and abstract.

6) Choose a suitable format. There are three basic formats: Brief Communications, Full-length Research articles, Rapid Communications.

7) Create figures and tables that present the data.

8) Create an outline for the paper. Mention all the sub-topics in the outline list and create a logical framework for your journal article.

9) Complete the first draft by mentioning the findings, issues, challenges, results, implications, and opinion in a proper sequence.

10) Proof-read the journal article, emit grammatical errors, fix flaws, and restructure it.

11) Create references and do citations.

12) Do the final editing to polish the journal article.

13) Submit the manuscript to the editor of the journal.

And, wait for a phone call or email from the editor. Hopefully, your journal article will be selected.

Quick Tips

1) Make a plan before writing, set goals or milestones. Have a clear strategy of what your journal article will focus on.

2) Analyse other journals and its articles in your field and compare it with your findings. Scan other journals and look at the ways, you can improve your journal article by taking inspiration from others.

3) It is mandatory to create an outline before you start writing. Also, divide word limit into different sections to ensure that you never exceed the word limit.

4) Before submitting your journal article, take feedback from at least 4 or 5 people and do multiple revisions.

5) Take breaks in between writing sessions and do warm up before you start writing.

6) Check the reviewers’ feedback and list them. Analyse their feedbacks and work on your flaws.

Sample Format (Basic Format)





Body of Content




At last, be confident, thick-skinned and resilient and use this study-guide to create your very first journal article.