Dec 14, 2020 @ 12:16 am

How to prevent ads from appearing on Youtube videos?

ads on youtube put us off Though watching your favorite videos on YouTube are indeed amazing, those not-so-welcoming ads that keep on popping every now and then are highly annoying.

Who want an interruption in the middle of an interesting scene from “Friends” or how annoying it is to wait for the ad to finish first to see “The Simpsons”?

There are ads everywhere on YouTube. Banner ads that almost cover the whole website, then there are pre-roll ads that will auto-play before your favorite video.

The worst part is that you have to actually wait for good 2-3 minutes to skip the ads.

At last, there are mid-roll ads that come from no-where when you are watching long videos like movies and TV shows episodes.

This whole ad thing actually puts you off. But there is good news. You can actually block those ads to appear and take a delight of uninterrupted entertainment.

Wondering how?

There are our tips to prevent those ads from showing up again and again.

For Chrome Users : If you watch YouTube videos in Chrome Browser then you need to follow below-mentioned steps to block those annoying and unwanted ads.

1. Open you, Chrome Browser.

2. Type “Chrome Web Store” in the search bar and then hit “Enter”.

type : chrome web store in address bar

3. To find an ad block extension, type “Ad Blocker” in the search bar.

search : ad blocker

4. Now there will be a list of all ad blockers available in the market. Choose one of your choices and then click on “Add to Chrome”.

now add to chrome

5. Once you choose the desired extension, click on “Add Extension”.

Click on : Add Extension

The extension has been added to your Chrome browser and now you can enjoy your videos without any boring and unwelcoming ads.

To check whether it is working or not, we would suggest you play one video on YouTube just after adding the extension.

If you still see those ads then chances are high that ad blocker extension won’t be of a good grade. Remove it from your chrome and try another extension.

For Firefox Users : Follow these steps to prevent ads on YouTube when you are using Firefox.

1. Open Firefox browser.

2. Click on “hamburger icon”. Hamburger icon is the three horizontal lines located at the topmost corner of the site.

click on hamburger icon - three parallel lines at the top

3. Choose Add-ons.

get add ons

4. Scroll down and click on “See More Add-ons”.

scroll down and see more add ons

5. A new will open in front of you and then you need to type “Ad Blocker” in the search button. Hit “Enter”.

firefox add ons

6. Choose the one from the list.

choose one from the search results

7. Once you choose any particular add-on, click on “Add to Firefox”.

choose any add on and click on add to firefox

8. Grant it permission by clicking on “Add”.

grant permission and 'click on add'

Play a video on YouTube to check whether it is working or not.

For Internet Explorer users : Internet Explore exactly don’t support any extension especially the built-in ones. To block the ads, you have to navigate directly to the site of any high-end ad blockers website and install it from there. Here are the steps.

1. Open Internet Browser.

2. Search for any particular ad blocker and go to the website.

3. Choose “Agree and Install for Internet Explorer” and then click on “Run”.

4. If any User Account Control windows open ups then click on “Yes” to proceed with the installation process.

5. You need to close the Internet Explorer to complete the installation. If you don’t do that then you have to go through a long reboot process. So, click on ‘Yes” when windows take your permission to close the Internet Explorer.

6. “Next” followed by “Install” and then “Finish”.

7. Once this is over again open Internet Explorer.

8. A new pop up will be visible on the bottom of the page. This is your ad blocker. Click on “Enable”.

9. Close the window.

10. Open a new window again and start playing a YouTube video to check whether the extension is working or not.

For Microsoft Edge users : A new entry in the browser’s category, Microsoft Edge still has many scoops for improvement. Though Microsoft is burning the midnight oil to make it more robust, it still lags way behind than its predecessors like Firefox and Chrome.

Open Microsoft Edge browser

Recently, Microsoft has added few extensions in the browser but Ad Blocker Plus is not in the list. Maybe it will come after some time.

You need to search for a suitable extension that will help you to block those irritating ads. Extensions from Edge are available at Microsoft Store.

1. Open the browser and click on the Menu. The menu is identifiable with three horizontal dots.

click on three dots top right hand corner

2. Choose “Extension” and then “Explore more Extensions”. Now, you will be directed to the Microsoft Store.

choose extension

3. Search for the ad blocker extension. Not many options would be available.

choose adblocker extension from the list

4. Upon finding one, click on “Get” to install and download the extension. It will direct you to the Internet Explorer.

add ad guard blocker

5. When you hit “Launch” once installation is complete, you will be directed back to Microsoft Edge.

6. Open Edge and look for an added extension.

7. Click “Turn it on” option to make it function.

8. Open YouTube video and check the operation of the extension.

Enjoy a video without any unwanted ads is what we all want. With the help of these simple and easy to implement steps, you can actually achieve it. So, why wait? Enjoy uninterrupted entertainment.

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