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How to recover permanently deleted files from recycle bin?

Have you accidentally deleted an important file?

Well, this is the case with the majority of us. At times, we delete a file accidentally or sometimes, we delete it purposely without knowing the fact that we might need it later. In both the cases, you need to have a viable solution to recover those files.

How a file gets deleted?

Broadly speaking, deleting a file is a step taken by the user itself most of the times. When we don’t need a file, we deleted it to empty our laptop storage space. Other than this, a file can also get deleted by:

  • Malware Intrusion
  • Using a command prompt for deletion
  • Auto-clearing of overflowing Recycle Bin.
  • External storage device installation which crashes your system.
  • Deleting the whole folder which might contain useful files as well.
  • Removing or re-setting the user account which ultimately leads to the deletion of all the files.
  • Enabling of “Don’t move deleted files to the Recycle Bin: option in Recycle Bin.

What happens when you delete a file?

When you delete a file, there are two options available in front of you. Either you can delete it from the respective folder or you can permanently delete it from the system. Your laptop confirms it from you when you make your way to file deletion. A message will pop up for your confirmation.

Do you want to delete the file permanently?

If you click on Yes, then those files get removed permanently removed from your system. On the other hand, a click on “NO” moves it to Recycle Bin/Trash of your computer.

The moment you delete a file, Window removes the file icon from the list and make it invisible. From a technical point of view, the deleted files are no longer available on your laptop or computer and the operating system can’t find it now anymore.

In addition, using keys Shift + Delete at one go also delete your file permanently from your system.

What if you need that file in future?

We can’t predict future. Things which look vague at present might be valuable in future. The same goes with the file stored in your laptop or computer. If that is the case with you then we are here to help you to recover that deleted file.

Steps to recover files that moved to Recycle Bin:-

If you have only deleted the file and it is back there in your recycle bin then follow these steps to recover that file.

1. Go to the desktop screen of your laptop.

2. Look for the Recycle Bin icon. Hit “Enter”.

recycle bin

3. Upon clicking it, there will a list of all deleted files of your system. Go to the search bar and type the name of the file which you want to restore.

4. Once you got that file, do the “right click on the file”.

5. Choose “Restore” and your file will be restored to its original location.

6. If you want to know the original place of the file then instead of “Restore”, click on “Properties”. There, you can see that the original location of your file.

click on properties to know real location of file

7. Click on “Restore” followed by “Ok”. Now, you have got the file and its original storage place details as well.

There are times when your files got deleted from the Recycle Bin also. It happens due of two reasons:

If you have chosen “Delete file permanently” option while deleting.


When the recycle bin of your laptop gets overflow, it start auto-deleting files.

In that case, getting back those files could be a daunting task. But, don’t worry; we are here to help you out with this as well.

Steps to recover a permanently deleted files from your recycle bin:-

Recovering a permanently deleted file from your laptop’s recycle bin is a little bit tedious but possible to achieve.  You can take the help of third party software to do the job. There are many paid and unpaid software available in the market.

Choose one and install it in your laptop and you will be able to recover your permanently deleted files.

After our thorough analysis, we have chosen free recovery software tool ‘Recuva’, to help you recover files instantly. Here is the procedure:

Follow these steps.

Download Recuva

download recuva software

1. Type Recuva Software in your browser and hit ‘Enter’.

type Recuva software

2. Choose the respective link and click on “Free Download”.

download Recuva software
3. Wait for it to download. Once it will download a Recuva Wizard will open it front of you. Click on “Next’.

  • Run the Recuva setup
    Run recuva setup and follow on screen instructions 4. The software is now ready to work. Click on “Start”. Recuva is ready : Click on Start 5. Choose the type of file you want to recover and then click “Next”. choose the type of file you want to recover 6. Select the location from where you want to recover your files and click on “Next”. select the location where you want to recover the file 7. Now, the software will take some time to search for your files. Once the search completes, it will show up all the files in the respective folder. Recuva is showing files that can be recovered 8. Select the file you want to restore and click on “Recover”. Now select the file that you want to recover 9. Now the software will ask you to select the location where you want to restore the file. Choose your preference and click “OK”.10. The software will start recovering the file once you select the preferred location.

    recuva recovering after selecting the recovery location

    11. Once the process is complete, you will get your deleted file.

    deleted file recovered by Recuva software

    12. Go to the selected location to check whether the file has been recovered or not. I got it at my preferred location.

    deleted file restored

    Saw? It is as simple as that. Not much of hassle.

  • So, no more repenting on the sudden loss of any file or important document! You can get them back whenever you want (some months). All you need to do it follow these steps with little attention. Good Luck.

Download Recuva from this verified source

download recuva software

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