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Web Hosting, WordPress, WordPress Plugins, Website Builders, SEO Tools

Contributors can add relevant images to the articles post

The images must be either Jpeg or PNG format. Also, make sure you reserve the rights to publish the image, it must not be downloaded or published elsewhere (neither online nor offline).

You get up to $100 for each approved article

Once your article is approved, you will get anything up to $100 USD (depending upon the contract/agreement) and of course you get more business in future.

Terms and conditions

  1. Be creative, don’t re-use the idea already used by someone.
  2. Do not duplicate the content, re-edit or use article spinner software/tool.
  3. The article must be in-depth and reference screenshots.
  4. Do not sell or distribute the article/articles written for us.
  5. Once your article is accepted, we reserve all the copyrights and you won’t be able to publish it else where.
  6. Before writing, think how it is going to be useful for our readers.
  7. Use easy to understand English.
  8. Attach your Bio, link to blog or social media pages (for our reference).
  9. Don’t focus on SEO, keywords – instead use words that are appropriate.
  10. The article must be between 3000 – 5000 words depending upon the type and subject.
  11. The article must not have spelling or grammar mistakes.

Note : Writers will be notified within 3 days whether the article is accepted, denied or needs re-writing.

When you are writing for us, you are bound to other terms and conditions mentioned on the website.

If you would like to write for us please email us on:- hello@explorehowto.com